Room Binders

This was a very large project. Every room has two binders for the Inn’s guests to read for their entertained. There was a problem with the white binder in Villa 1 with many pages missing from it. I had to replace the pages that were missing. Most pages were poorly sized photo copies of the original artwork. First I found the photo copied original art and added a sepia tone in vintage Ingleside style. I created easier to read Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Menus with photos of items within the menu and added the Restaurant’s Front and Back pages to the binder. I also added these menus to the Ingleside Inn WordPress website. Now the white binder had 30% less pages and looked more like a single vision.

Melvyn’s Brunch Menu – 2016

Melvyn’s Lunch Menu – 2016

Melvyn’s Dinner Menu – 2016