Melvyn’s Portfolio

Birthday Cards & Menu Insert

These are for guests that come to Melvyn’s Restaurant on their birthday. It comes with a special desert with a candle and presented to the honored guest. The menu insert is placed within their menu for them to discover upon opening the menu. I have taken a photo for the Desert Sun of twin sisters celebrating their 95th birthday at Melvyn’s Restaurant!

Anniversary Cards

These are for guests that come to Melvyn’s Restaurant on their Anniversary. Many were married at the Ingleside Inn. I printed one custom Anniversary menu for a couple that have been married for 75 years!

Melvyn’s Menus Inside and Back Cover

I was given the task to advertise the Ingleside Inn and Melvyn’s on the Back cover of the Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Menus. The inside back cover for the Dinner menu had a “Did You Know?”which listed 10 things unique to the property and its owner and the Mini Menu Front page layout. Here is the OLD vs NEW menu layout.

New Brunch & Lunch

The next time the menu changed I was responsible for the layout of the New menu. The key changes were to make the item stand out more with larger surrounding text to aid in reading the menus.

New Dinner Menu

Mini Menus

I re-designed Melvyn’s Brunch, Lunch and Dinner menus to change menu items and make it easier to read. Once the menus were finished, I noticed that many guests were asking to see the menus upon walking into Melvyn’s. I pieced the 3 menus to fit on a legal-sized quad-fold flyer to handout to the guests. Very popular!

Photo Retouching

This was a special task. Debbie Reynolds had just visited the Ingleside Inn recently and the Boss wanted to add her photo to the Melvyn’s “Wall of Stars”. The picture was badly damaged and was in his file cabinet for decades. The photo was restored and now hangs proudly in Melvyn’s.

Photo Frames

The Boss had dinner at Spencer’s with a friend for their birthday. He showed me a custom photo
card and told me, “We need one”. We settled on the Polaroid Zinc 4″x3″ size. I located a supplier for the frames with a reasonable price of 23 cents per frame. They do printing too! However, their costs frame rose dramatically. One side single color logo/text raised the price to over $1 per card. I asked them to send some samples and I found out we could use the laser printer to print on the heavy glossy photo card. I created a template and printed the first card. Figure the cost per card was well under 50 cents with the cost of laser toner plus the added advantage of full color on both sides of the photo card. The supplier of the cards wanted over $3 per card for what I could do in-house.

SafeHouse Fashion Show

After many years as the AngelView President, Mel Haber stepped down and decided to join the Board of Directors for SafeHouse of the Desert. Mel always had his heart in the right place and offered to host their fashion show at Melvyn’s twice. Proceeds from this show would benefit the homeless children at SafeHouse. This was very similar to a Speaker Series event and would require many graphic art items. One of my first tasks for the Boss was to create a new flyer for SafeHouse.

Fashion Invites

Fashion Program

Poster and Happenings

Newspaper Ad and Menu