Multimedia Canvas

I had been writing Internet games using the Java applets and Flash Actionscript for many years but now both are being phased out to make room for a new Internet multimedia, animation platform, HTML5 using Canvas Graphics.

My first game was a japanese vertical pinball game called, “Pachinko”. I wrote it as a Java applet with sound effects and fast animation. I ported the game and added many enhancements for the Canvas version. It is best played in a browser (I am working on an Android version at the present).

Click on the game below to activate then Press Spot/Enter. Use Fire/Spacebar to launch balls.

by Steve A. Baker (SAB)

Use Left and Right Arrows to control launch Power
Fire/SPACEBAR launches ball. M toggles Music. S toggles Sfx
Spot/ENTER gets more balls – Replay at Game Over

To complete a BANK, get at least one ball into the RED, GREEN and BLUE cups. Each BANK completed lights one letter of SAB. Repeat 3 times to activate the JACKPOT hole.

If you complete another BANK, you lose your chance at JACKPOT until you complete 3 BANKS again. Extra balls into JACKPOT adds to the JACKPOT bonus and extends the JACKPOT timer. You MUST win the JACKPOT to advance to the next LEVEL.

I will SPOT you extra balls 3 times when you need them. Good Luck!