First things 1st

New Ingleside Inn & Melvyn’s Restaurant Website

My first task was to design a new Ingleside Inn & Melvyn’s Restaurant website. Mr. Haber and I went over a few color schemes and the Boss liked the red velvet for the header and redwood burl for the body. I created page oriented logos for the top left corner of the header and overlayed the entire header with highlighted and shaded glass to make the header stand out above the page. Here are a few pages from the circa 2011 website.

Home Page

This page also had a slider on it to showcase the best images that Ingleside Inn and Melvyn’s Restaurant had to offer.

Home Page

Melvyn’s Restaurant

The menus had tabs on them for quick access to each of the menu categories. Buttons at the bottom of the menu frame were used to select the Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and Wine Menus. Holiday or Special Event menu buttons were added and removed as the need arose.

Melvyn's Restaurant


Added a “slide strip” of the current recent celebrities at the Ingleside Inn or Melvyn’s Restaurant that was updated every time a new celebrity visited.

Ingleside Inn & Melvyn's Restaurant Celebrities

Sinatra’s Corner

This was a new addition to the existing website with many facts about Frank Sinatra and the marks he has made on society and within Melvyn’s Restaurant. Also used these stories to post on Facebook on our page.

Frank Sinatra's Corner


The selection of room types was setup, the same way as the menus in Melvyn’s, with buttons at the bottom of the frame to select between Standard, Deluxe, Mini-Suites and Suites. Color-coded Room description. Very fast point and click interface.

Accomdoations at the Ingleside Inn

Ingleside Inn History

Inserted relevant historical images to go with the Ingleside Inn’s history.

Ingleside Inn History

Special Promotions

Any specials for the Ingleside Inn or Melvyn’s Restaurant would appear here.